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TeO2 crystal

TeO2 crystal

TeO2 crystal
Product name : TeO2 crystal
Item : 008
Details :

Tellurium Dioxide Crystal (TeO2) is one of the best Acousto-Optic crystals even grown, and extensively used in AO modulators, deflectors, AO tunable filters (AOTFs), laser Q-switches, RF spectrum analyzers. We provides various laser-grade Tellurium Dioxide devices.


TeO2 Crystal Features:

Laser-Grade TeO2 raw material
Strict Quality Control
Competitive Price and Huge OEM Discount
Fast Delivery - directly from our factory via Fedex Express
Cutomized Products Available
Free Technical Support Always

TeO2 crystal & Properties :

Transmitting Range:
0.33 ~ 5.0 microns
>70% at 633nm
Refractive Index:
no = 2.258; ne =2.411 at 633nm
Melting Point:
Mohs Hardness:
Hygroscopic Susceptibility
Thermal Conductivity:
0.03 W/cm·K
Sound Velocity :
617m/s for shear wave along <110> ; 4260m/s for longitudinal wave along <001>