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M-R-A- plane sapphire substrates

M-R-A- plane sapphire substrates

M-R-A- plane sapphire substrates
Product name : M-R-A- plane sapphire substrates
Item : 003
Details :
Different application of different orientation:
1. A-Plane sapphire substrates are useful for hybrid microelectronic applications requiring a uniform dielectric constant and highly insulating characteristics. This orientation can also be used for the growth of high Tc
superconductors. The availability of Angstrom level surface finishes allows for fine line interconnects of hybrid modules.

2. R-plane sapphire substrates are preferred for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon used in microelectronic IC applications. Improved fabrication processes ensure no subsurface work damage and the exceptionally smooth surface finish and high dielectric constant can make sapphire an excellent choice for hybrid substrates, particularly for microwave ACs.

Additionally, after undergoing an epitaxial silicon deposition process, r-plane substrates are useful in high-speed IC and pressure transducer applications.