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KTP crystal

KTP crystal

KTP crystal
Product name : KTP crystal
Item : 013
Details :

Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Single Crytal, known as KTP (KTiOPO4), is the most efficient frequency doubling crystal for Nd:YAG/Nd:YVO4 laser systems. KTP is the best non-linear optical crystal for 1064nm pumped OPOs.


KTP Crystal Features:
1.High damage threshold, low absorption
2.Devices as large as 15x15X20mm are available
3.Massive production to support industrial customers
4.AR-Coating, mounting and re-polishing service
5.Competitive Price and Huge OEM Discount
6.Free Technical Support

Potassium Titanyl Phosphate, known as KTP( KTiOPO4), is widely used in frequency doubling of Nd-doped laser systems for Green/Red output; parametric sources(OPG, OPA and OPO) for 600nm-4500nm tunable output; E-O modulators, Optical Switches, Directional Couplers; Optical Waveguides for Integrated NLO and E-O Devices etc.

Optical Properties:

Physical properties

Frequency Conversion:
KTP was first introduced as the NLO crystal for Nd doped laser systems with high conversion efficiency. Under certain conditions, the conversion efficiency was reported to 80%, which leaves other NLO crystals far behind.
Recently, with the development of laser diodes, KTP is widely used as SHG devices in diode pumped Nd:YVO4 solid laser systems to output green laser, and also to make the laser system very compact.
KTP for OPA, OPO Applications:
In addition to its wide use as a frequency doubling device in Nd-doped laser systems for Green/Red output, KTP is also one of the most important crystals in parametric sources for tunable output from visible (600nm) to mid-IR (4500nm) due to the popularity of its pumped sources, the fundamental and second harmonic of a Nd:YAG or Nd:YLF lasers.
One of the most useful applications is the non-critical phase-matched (NCPM) KTP OPO/OPA pumped by the tunable lasers to obtain a high conversion efficiency.
KTP OPO results in stable continuous outputs of femto-second pulse of 108 Hz repetition rate and milli-watt average power levels in both signal and idler outputs.
Pumped by Nd-doped lasers, KTP OPO has obtained above 66% conversion efficiency for down-conversion from 1060nm to 2120nm.
Electro-Optical modulators:
KTP crystal can be used as electro-optical modulators.