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SKYPE: doris-crystal
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Jiaozuo Commercial FineWin Co., Ltd is dedicated in research, production and sales of Semiconductor Wafers, Precision Optics, Acousto-optical & Piezoelectric&Laser Crystals.

In 2009, The company was established, started with manufacturing of Sapphire Substrates.

In 2013, Overseas sales company was founded in HongKong called Light Materials Co, Ltd,. Besides Sapphire products, other semiconductor materials and precision optics were brought into our catalogue: Silicon Wafers, GaN Templates, 2" free-standing GaN Substrates, GaAs Wafers, Silicon Carbide Wafers, Windows, Prisms, Lenses.

In 2016, Jiaozuo Commercial FineWin Co., Ltd  strategically cooperated with Jiaozuo King's Photonics Co., Ltd, responsible for their overseas sales. Since then, TeO2, KTP, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, YVO4, PbMoO4, BBO, LBO, Nd: YAG crystals are all available.

The members of Commercial FineWin are researchers and marketing managers who had worked in mother company for more than 10 years. Experienced management and sale men are hired from outside helping to establish a complete sales management system.

Besides the first-class products, Commercial FineWin focuses on customer service. The efficient and direct communication with our engineers allow us to give you a timely and effective reply whenever you have any question, which is also the key factor for the company success.

Now, Commercial FineWin has all overseas clients in USA, Europe and Asian countries, including Universities, Research Centers and Hi-tech enterprises.

Welcome to join FineWin, brighten your business and win next generation’s future!

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